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We propose that any person without a mission of compassion, without integrity as a shield of honor, without a sense of purpose, is as defenseless to the world's blind injustices as a person naked to the cold elements. You may strip someone of their rights, their influences, their youth, their health, and their outward beauty, but should that person have a clear and present goal you will never be able to remove from them their dignity or hope for a better future. For beauty is more than skin deep, and the light of charity that shines forth from a person's soul is stronger than sterling and more brilliant than any jewel of any cost.

Change is not won by any single entity. It is won by the combined efforts of a hundred upon a thousand, upon ten-thousand, upon a million souls all standing together in a single wave of movement. Though each part may have a different ideal and a different goal, they form only one ocean whose tidal force will reshape the land.

Pick your ideal. Accessorize it.

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Overview of Most Recent Site Upgrades

2/22/2009 -- Hey, remember how I used to have that website with the whole kinky DC underground? Well, now someone else has one! Visit, today.

2/07/2009 -- I've been concentrating on my new blogs so far this year, two of which are linked above.

12/4/2008 -- Hopefully, the new website is forthcoming, with new icons, pictures of products, and the first collection in the NANgirl line of jewelry.

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